How to Clean Glass

  • Avoid cleaning glass while it is in direct sunlight, especially tinted and coated surfaces, to prevent streaking.
  • Start cleaning windows at the top of the building and continue to lower levels.
  • Soak the glass surface with clean water to loosen dirt and debris. Make sure no abrasive particles remain on the glass, then apply an approved cleaning solution with a non-abrasive cloth or other applicator.
  • Quickly remove the cleaning solution with a squeegee, taking care not to allow metal parts of cleaning equipment to touch the glass surface.
  • Avoid any cleaning product that has a strong chemical base or a high alcohol content, as chemical reactions could damage components.
  • Wipe any remaining traces of cleaning solution from glass and other parts of the window and frame. Windows, including their parts and frames, are susceptible to deterioration if left damp.
  • Some windows have an energy panel, often confused with a storm window. An energy panel is a removable, exterior glass panel and can be cleaned in the same way as other parts of the window.
  • Don’t use abrasive cleaning solutions or materials, don’t allow metal parts of cleaning equipment to touch the glass, and don’t use scrapers of any kind.
    Note: Glass scratched by a scraper is not covered under the Marvin warranty.