How to determine when you should replace your windows.

The windows in your home do more than give you a view of the outdoors. They form a barrier between you and the elements. Sometimes you can maintain this barrier with simple window maintenance and repairs. Other times replacement of one or more of your windows is the only option.

How do homeowners determine when they should replace their windows? You should always replace windows when they are not:

Energy Efficient
If you’re still using single pane windows, or you’ve experienced noticeable drafts or moisture near your windows, then your home isn’t as energy efficient as it should be and your windows are a part of the problem. Modern dual pane windows and triple pane windows are designed to provide the ultimate protection against the elements. In addition to protection against wind, temperature changes and moisture, they also provide UV protection.

Visibly Strong
If one or more of your windows has large cracks and missing pieces, extensive rotting or pests, you definitely need to go the replacement route before these issues result in costly wall or interior damage caused by moisture pooling and mold. You should also replace dual- or triple- pane windows that have mold on the seals or condensation in the form of fog or ice crystals between the panes, as these are indicators of seal failure. When seals fail, these types of windows are not only less energy efficient, but also extremely unhealthy because of mold growth.

Easy to Use
Your windows should never require a lot of work. Replace any window that sticks or freezes when opened or closed. If you have difficulty cleaning your windows, replace them with double hung windows that feature a tilt-in sash design. Also replace extremely high maintenance, painted windows that crack and peel with normal aging and require regular labor-intensive repainting. Another labor-intensive process is yearly storm window installation and removal. End the winter and summer window preparation cycle by replacing single pane windows with double- or triple- pane, all-season windows.

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