Annual Window and Door Maintenance Checklist

Regular maintenance will help keep your Marvin windows and doors operating smoothly. Use this checklist as an annual maintenance reminder.

  • Make sure the weatherstrip is still effective. If not, call your local Marvin dealer.
  • Examine the window’s interior and exterior finishes. Occasional repair to a damaged finish may be necessary.
  • Don’t let paints, stains and varnishes come in contact with the weatherstrip. Solvents can damage the weatherstrip’s performance.
  • Trim any old, loose caulking and seal any gaps with an appropriate, high quality caulk.
  • Occasionally, an excess of silicone sealant, called “squeeze-out,” appears around the edge of the glass. You can safely scrape off “squeeze-out” with a plastic putty knife without damaging the weather-tightness of your window or door.
  • Make sure all exposed hardware screws are tightened securely. Apply a dry lubricant to the windows’ gears to keep them operating smoothly.
  • Clean sand, dirt or dust from door and window hinges, sills and tracks.
  • Check energy panels and storm and screen combinations to make sure screws and turn buttons are securely fastened.
  • Check doors for smooth operation.
    Note: Wood doors require a stabilization period after installation, sometimes taking up to a year to adjust to humidity levels and other environmental factors.
  • Location plays an important role in how often you should clean and maintain the exterior of aluminum clad windows and doors. A coastal home exposed to harsh elements may need cleaning four or five times a year, while in a drier climate, once or twice a year may be sufficient.